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The International Academy for Certification and Training (iACT) offers certification and training services to individuals and companies across the globe. Some of the main areas of activity of iACT are:

  • Training – online and study centre based
  • Certification – for individuals and companies
  • Pre hire Assessment for companies
  • Assistance in hiring of certified professionals

Over the years iACT has certified professionals across the globe including countries such as USA, UK, France, Germany , Canada, India, Australia, Singapore and UAE.


iACT provides training in a wide spectrum of competencies helping professionals acquire skills in areas such as six sigma, sales, finance, supply chain etc. The training programs are highly practical and driven by industry needs rather than just meeting academic requirements.

iACT training programs have been developed by industry practitioners, management consultants and faculty of leading universities and management schools.


iACT conducts exams and online tests on various skill areas on a regular basis and certifies individuals across the globe. The iACT certification is a definite measure of the candidate’s proficiency in the respective domains and is recognized by recruiters across the globe.

Pre-hire assessment

iACT pre-hire assessment products give companies the information they need to make more effective hires in an easy to administer, easy to interpret format, so they can focus on the hiring decisions and not the paperwork. Experts estimate the cost of a bad hiring decision at 20% to 200% of a year’s salary. With stakes this high, it’s no wonder more and more companies are integrating iACT assessments into their hiring processes.

Hiring assistance

With expertise in assessment and access to thousands of certified professionals, iACT helps individuals and companies find the right match for the skills they possess or are looking for. Companies are often looking for specific skills that are not easily discernible from the curriculum vitae of individuals. iACT bridges this gap through certification and matching the right candidates for the right job

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Email: info@iactglobal.in


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